No points and bitter dissapointment for KIC Motorsport in dutch circuit of Zandvoort

21.6.2021 – No points for KIC Motorsport in dutch circuit of Zandvoort

Finnish KIC Motorsport, which is running for the third consecutive season in the international Formula Regional by Alpine racing series, experienced its’ darkest moments of a highly difficult season as Finns Patrik Pasma and Elias Seppänen, as well as german Nico Göhler missed points in both 30-minute races.

In the qualifyings Pasma collect 12th, Seppänen 18th and Göhler 30th starting positions. However as circuit of Zantvoort is particularly known for its very poor ability to make overtakes, the drivers arrived to the finish line with roughly similar classifications. In Saturday’s race, Seppänen and Göhler were able to improve their positions mainly because their team mate Patrik Pasma encountered a technical problem and was forced to retire.

Although the fifth racing weekend of the season was a bitter disappointment for the Finnish KIC Motorsport team and its’ drivers, there were also one positive thing: Former KIC Motorsport driver Konsta Lappalainen got to almost celebrate his first-ever GT3 podium finish in also very competitive second round of GT World Challenge Europe Sprint series, which was also driven in circuit of Zandvoort. Even eventually the podium was denied just by five seconds, Lappalainen and KIC Motorsport celebrated the result like a victory.

– Circuit of Zandvoort is so called traditional old school racing circuit. In previous Formula-1 races it has showed that it is quite impossible to overtake. Now as in qualifying our drivers were slightly off from the desired pace the final race results were pretty much same as qualifying results. So also in Formula Regional series overtaking in Zandvoort is also very difficult, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

– However we would like to share big congratulations to our former driver Konsta Lappalainen as his campaign in GT World Challenge European Sprint series got complitely new boost. We know that he has done hellowa job for developing his speed and now it starts to pay off has he was 4th fastest in very, very highly competitive races. We strongly belive that it is only a matter of time when he collects his first-ever GT3-podium so keep up the good work Konsta, Flythström continues.

Both Zandvoort races of Formula Regional by Alpine were won by Swiss driver Gregoire Saucy. He leads the Championship by incredible 64 points margin.

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine, Zantvoort Race #1, Saturday 19.6.2021

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), 20 laps

16. Elias Seppänen, +12,690s
22. Nico Göhler +17,741s
29. Patrik Pasma, DNF

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine, Zantvoort Race #2, Sunday 20.6.2021

1. Gregoire Saicy (SUI), 21 laps
2. Franco Colapinto (ARG), +1,023s
3. Gabriele Mini (ITA), +5,340s

13. Patrik Pasma, +28,913s (KIC)
15. Elias Seppänen, +29,827s (KIC)
26. Nico Göhler, +50,420s (KIC)

Formula Regional by Alpine stadings after 10/20 rounds:

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), 160p
2. Hadrien David (FRA), 96p
3. Isack Hadjar (FRA), 93p

10. Patrik Pasma (FIN), 45p (KIC)
21. Elias Seppänen (FIN), 1p (KIC)
31. Nico Göhler (GER), 0p (KIC)

Teams standings after 10/20 rounds:

1. ART Grand Prix, 265p
2. R-Ace GP, 251p
3. Prema Powerteam, 150p

6. KIC Motorsport, 46p

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