Teams silver medal of FIA F3 Regional European Championship series for KIC Motorsport!

7.12.2020 – KIC Motorsport collect Teams silver medal in FIA F3 Regional European Championship series – 11 of 23 podiums delivered the desired trophy to Finland

In season 2019 Finnish KIC Motorsport team had its’ debut in F3 Regional European Championship series and after eight racing weekends and 23 rounds it accomplished fifth place in Teams Championship series and 10th and 11th positions in drivers series. Now in final round of the season 2020 series, which was driven in italian circuit of Vallelunga, KIC Motorsport heavily improved the results as Flying Finns Patrik Pasma collect 4th and Konsta Lappalainen 6th position in overall standings. Furthermore Estonian Jüri Vips finished the season in 8th position.

In season 2020 KIC Motorsport drivers collect 11 of 23 podiums as well as multiple points scoring positions. Due excellent results KIC Motorsport made Finnish Racing history as it is now the only team which has collected the highly appreciated trophy.

– When we finally got to the race in August we immediately saw the high competition level of the series when the drivers of the Italian Prema Powerteam dominated the events. However, we did not give up as in second half of the season our determined work began to deliver us the results we had hoped for and with it in a total of eleven races KIC Motorsport driver celebrated the podium finish; Patrik Pasma grabbed four wins and two second places, Jüri Vips two wins and one silver place and Konsta Lappalainen one silver and one bronze. In this way, the teams’ silver place was fully earned, Petri Lappalainen says.

– During the season we all faced multiple wet races as the race season lasted until the begining of December. Eventually wet conditions suited perfect for our drivers; The more demanding the weather was, the better our performance was. This was also demonstrated in Vallelunga as Patrik Pasma made the fastest lap time in the first race and Konsta Lappalainen made same result in the final round of the series. I am very happy with all of our team drivers’ performance and, above all, the development our drivers accomplished during the season, Peter Flythström continues.

The winner of the F3 Regional European Championship was Brazilian Gianluca Petecof, who won the title in final race after his teammate Arthur LeClerc spun out from the circuit and got stuck in the sand.

Final results F3 Regional Vallelunga #1, Saturday 5th December 2020

1. Dennis Hauger, Van Amersfoort Racing, 19 laps
2. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, +2,364s
3. Oliver Rasmussen, Prema Powerteam, +6,732s
4. Gianluca Petecof, Prema Powerteam, +7,243s
5. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, +11,986s

10. Nicola Marinangeli, KIC Motorsport, +1,06.228s

Final results F3 Regional Vallelunga #2, Sunday 6th December 2020

Race was cancelled due heavy rain.

Final results F3 Regional Vallelunga #3, Sunday 6th December 2020

1. Oliver Rasmussen, Prema Powerteam, 16 laps
2. Dennis Hauger, Van Amersfoort Racing, +0,620s
3. Chovet Pierre Louis, Van Amersfoort Racing, +4,813s
4. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, +8,784s
5. Gianluca Petecof, Prema Powerteam, +9,890s
6. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, +2,364s

9. Nicola Marinangeli, KIC Motorsport, +44,737s

Formula Regional season 2020 final standings 24/24 rounds

1. Gianluca Petecof, Prema Powerteam, 359p
2. Arthur Leclerc, Prema Powerteam, 343p
3. Oliver Rasmussen, Prema Powerteam, 343p
4. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, 290p
5. Chovet Pierre Louis, Van Amersfoort Racing, 244p
6. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, 145p
7. Dennis Hauger, Van Amersfoort Racing, 109p
8. Jüri Vips, KIC Motorsport, 81p
9. Jamie Laura Chadwick, Prema Powerteam, 81p
10. Henrion Gillian, Gillian Track Events GTE, 79p
11. Alessandro Famularo, Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 73p
12. Emidio Pesce, DR Formula Curv Motorsport, 54p
14. Ian Rodriguez, DR Formula Curv, Motorsport, 45p
13. Andrea Cola, Monolite Racing, 26p
14. Matteo Nannini, Monolite Racing, 14p
15. Nico Gohler, KIC Motorsport, 14p
16. Nicola Marinangeli, KIC Motorsport, 9p

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