Gianluca Petecof 11th - No mercy for KIC Motorsport drivers

26.9.2021 – KIC Motorsport driver Gianluca Petecof missed points position just by 0,737 seconds in Spanish Valencia – Formula Regional by Alpine racing series doesn’t give any mercy

In final weekend of September 2021 the 8th racing weekend of international Formula Regional by Alpine racing series was driven in iberian circuit of Valencia. The high intense racing weekend showed again its’ mercyness for the Finnish KIC Motorsport team. Even Brazilian Gianluca Petecof, german Nico Göhler and swiss Jasin Ferati were in good pace, KIC Motorsport lost the final points scoring position just by 0,737 seconds.

The theme for the highly competive racing weekend was very strict judging due cutting corners. KIC Motorsport swiss Jasin Ferati was one driver who lost many fast laps as the race jury removed his lap-times in qualifyings. Therefore he was forced the enter the races from back row. Also german Nico Göhler encountered problems as he spun off the circuit in first corner of the circuit. Therefore also his starting positions were in back row. Furthermore as third driver and reigning Champion Gianluca Petecof drove the 4kms circuit just by 0,833 seconds slower than Pole Position driver, he was forced to enter the races from middle pax of the grid.

Valencian MotoGP-circuit of Ricardo Tormo was ruthless also in the events as in first race KIC Motorsport drivers finished the races in 22th, 28th and 32th positions. However in second race Gianluca Petecof rised from 13th grid to 11th position and fiercly tried to collect final points position. However in 30 minutes of racing he lost the position just by 0,737 seconds. Nico Göhler finished the race in 24th and Ferati in 29th position.

– As in qualifying there are 34 cars driving on four kilometres circuit, it practically means that in every three seconds there is a car going thru start line. KIC Motorsport drivers suffered a lot from traffic and the mercyless jury took away their fast laps due cutting corners. In both races the gaps were very narrow. However they also were so big that we lost points positions, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

Formula Regional by Alpine series is being led by swiss Gregoire Saucy. As there are only two racing weekends to be driven, he has a possibility to secure his Championship title in next two weeks at italian circuit of Mugello. KIC Motorsport continues in fifth position in Teams Standings as there are still four 30 minute races to be driven.

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine, Valencia 26.9.2021: 1st race, top-3:

1. Franco Colapinto (ARG), 10 laps
2. David Vidales (ESP), +0,417s
3. Mari Boya (ESP), +4,092s

22. Gianluca Petecof (KIC), +35.852s
28. Nico Göhler (KIC), +46.233s
32. Jasin Ferati (KIC), +1:45.864s

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine, Valencia 26.9.2021: 2nd race, top-3:

1. Mikhael Belov (RUS), 20 laps
2. Franco Colapinto (ARG), +1.237s
3. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), +2.257s

11. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), +7.825s (KIC)
24. Nico Göhler (GER), +16.092s (KIC)
29. Jasin Ferati (SUI), +44.293s (KIC)

Formula Regional by Alpine standings 2021: 16/20 rounds:

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), 239p
2. Hadrien David (FRA), 161p
3. Zane Maloney (BAR), 149p

24. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), 0p (KIC)
24. Nico Göhler (GER), 0p (KIC)
24. Jasin Ferati (SUI), 0p (KIC)

Formula Regional by Alpine teams standings 2021: 16/20 rounds:

1. R-Ace GP, 390p
2. ART Grand Prix, 372p
3. Prema Powerteam, 227p

6. KIC Motorsport, 46p

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