Once upon a time current FIA GM Mr. Jean Todt was managing Peugeot's successful rally team and had many Finnish drivers, he said that "If you want to Win - Hire a Finn". We've widened the saying also to Finnish motorsport teams.

KIC Motorsport is a professional Finnish Racing Team which runs three cars in FIA Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine series.

Our professional racing team is owned by Petri Lappalainen, who has a long record in motorsport, as early as in the 80’s when he was a mechanic and an engine tuner in karting. During his career he has tuned engines to Mika Häkkinen, among other drivers and he has also driven in many racing series himself, for example Porcshe Carrera Cup and other international GT-series.

​In Season 2018 KIC Motorsport participated to German ADAC F4-series and to NEZ F4 Championship-series, which was won by Konsta Lappalainen.

​In Season 2019 KIC Motorsport took a totally new challenge as it entered to FIA Formula Regional European Championship series with two drivers; Konsta Lappalainen and Isac Blomqvist from Sweden. KIC Motorsport collect 5th highest points in Teams Category.

In Season 2020 KIC Motorsport continued in FIA Formula Regional European Championship series with three drivers; Finns Konsta Lappalainen and Patrik Pasma as well as estonian Red Bull Junior Team driver Jüri Vips. Team improved its’ pace and finished the series as Vice-Champions in Teams Category.

Seasons 2021 and 2022 were highly competitive racing seasons with very tought level of competition. Even during intense season altogether six drivers showed their talent but were unable to reach podium positions.

In season 2023 KIC Motorsport continues competing in FIA Formula Regional Championship series by Alpine.

Season 2024 FIA Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series calendar

– 12.05.2024 – Hockenheim (Germany)
– 26.05.2024 – SPA-Francorchamps (Belgium)
– 09.06.2024 – Zandvoort (Nedherlands)
– 23.06.2024 – Hungaroring (Hungary)
– 13.07.2024 – Mugello (Italy)
– 21.07.2024 – Paul Ricard (France)
– 08.09.2024 – Imola (Italy)
– 15.09.2024 – Spielberg (Austria)
– 29.09.2024 – Barcelona (Spain)
– 27.10.2024 – Monza (Italy)

FRECA drivers standings:

Is to be published after first race in May …

FRECA teams standings:

Is to be published after first race in May …

FRECA teams standings 2023

1. Prema Racing, 512p
2. R-Ace GP, 510p
3. Van Amersfoort Racing, 226p

11. KIC Motorsport, 27p

FRECA teams standings 2022

1. Prema Racing, 462p
2. R-Ace GP, 344p
3. ART Grand Prix, 281p

11. KIC Motorsport, 0p

FRECA teams standings 2021

1. R-Ace GP, 481p
2. ART Grand Prix, 422p
3. Prema Powerteam, 346p

9. KIC Motorsport, 51p

FRECA teams standings 2020

1. Prema Powerteam, 842p
2. KIC Motorsport, 495p
3. Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 451p
4. Gillian Track Events GTE, 95p
5. DR Formula by RP Motorsport, 78p
6. Monolite Racing, 40p

FRECA teams standings 2019

1. Prema Powerteam, 870p
2. DR Formula, 480p
3. US Racing, 397p
4. Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 264p
5. KIC Motorsport, 189p
6. Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta, 43p
7. Scorace Team-Viola Formula, 17p
8. Technorace, 12p

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