Multiple safety car visit in races ruined all hopes for intense competition

12.9.2022 – Danish Sebastian Øgaard made a debut in Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series as KIC Motorsport drivers – Several safety cars ruled out the competition in Austrian circuit of Red Bull Ring

In season 2020 Danish Sebastian Øgaard, age of 18, won bronze medal in Danish Formula-4 series and in season 2021 he collect silver medal in Spanish Formula-4 series. In current season he’s competing in Euroformula Open and now made his debut as KIC Motorsport driver in 8th racing weekend of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series which was driven in Austrian circuit of Spielberg.

Øgaard entered the weekend with Finnish KIC Motorsport team 1.8 litre and 270 bhp turbocharged Formula-car with mexican Santiago Ramos and polish Piotr Wisnicki as his team mates. KIC Motorsport trio competed against 33 fellow drivers in two 30 minute races which were coloured by many safety car visits due collisions and offs their rivals encountered.

– In qualifyings our drivers lost the Pole Position just by 0,8-1,5 seconds and therefore we couldn’t secure top-20 starting positions. Then in both 30 minute races our fellow rivals either caused collisions or went wide into gravel trap and therefore many Safety Cars ruined the hopes for a good competition. We gained positions due the retirements of our rivals and finished the events nearly in same positions we had started the races, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

In eight racing weekend of the season 2022 the most misfortunate driver was estonian Paul Aron who collided with his team mate and therefore wasn’t able to collect any points from the weekend. It would require lots and lots of misfortunate for Championship leader Dino Beganovic to lose the title as he’s leading the series by 54 points for french Gabriele Mini.

Penultimate racing weekend is to be driven in the middle of October at traditional Iberian Formula-1 circuit of Montmelo Barcelona.

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine, Red Bull Ring #1: 10.09.2022: Overall top-3:

1. Kas Haverkort (NDL), 17 laps
2. Joshua Dufek (CHE), +2,566s
3. Pierre-Louis Chovet (FRA), +2,579s

24. Santiago Ramos (MEX), +14,265s
27. Sebastian Ogaard (DEN), +16,259s
28. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), +17,133s

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine, Red Bull Ring #2: 11.09.2022: Overall top-3:

1. Hadrien David (FRA), 20 laps
2. Dino Beganovic (SWE), +0,368s
3. Joshua Dufek (CHE), +0,848s

22. Santiago Ramos (MEX), +10,825s
23. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), +12,172s
28. Sebastian Ogaard (DEN), +18,547s

Formula Regional by Alpine drivers standings 2022: 16/20 rounds: Rookies Top-3

1. Leonardo Fornaroli (ITA), 61p
2. Joshua Dufek (CHE), 54p
2. Sebastian Montoya (KOL), 44p

11. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), KIC Motorsport, 0p
11. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, 0p

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