KIC Motorsport gambeled with tyre choises and lost the bets

26.7.2021 – KIC Motorsport gamled in SPA-Francorchamps – First rain race of the season left team drivers far away from their goals

In fourth weekend of July the traditional Belgium circuit of SPA-Francorchamps host sixth round of Formula Regional by Alpine series, which didn’t provide any points for the Finnish KIC Motorsport team drivers. In qualifying the drivers tackled with traffic and furthermore in races they encountered wrong tyre choises, crashes and technical problems. Therefore Elias Seppänen, Nico Göhler and Jasin Ferati finished the events in positions which didn’t add points to their standings.

For KIC Motorsport the season 2021 has been extremely challenging which also continued in second half of the season. In first race Seppänen entered at 20th, Göhler 31st and Ferati 32nd grid. As weather was drizzle rain, all KIC Motorsport drivers played gamble and decided to go racing with slick tyres. Unfortunately the gamble didn’t pay off as just in warm-up lap the rain started to pour up. Therefore Seppänen and Göhler came to pits to change tyres. However Ferati didn’t make up to pits as in warm-up lap he lost the control of his car and was forced to retire the event before it got underway.

In 30 minutes race Elias and Nico made multiple thrilling overtakes and rose from positions 32th and 33th to 16th and 23th. However despite their excellent effort, they were left without Championship points.

In 12th race of the season, which was driven in following day, the competitors enjoyed competing on dry tarmac. In qualifyings Elias Seppänen collect his season best starting position: 8th position gave excellent starting positions for scoring points. However in first lap Seppänen was hit by a fellow competitor and therefore the rear diffusor broke up and front wing arm bended. As the car was damaged, it lost its’ aero and Seppänen dropped down to position 22. Furthermore as Nico Göhler encountered technical problem in his transmission and Ferati was forced to retire in first lap, the season 2021 edition of SPA-Francorchamps left a bitter taste for team drivers and personel.

Formula Regional by Alpine racing series is led by swiss driver Grégoire Saucy. He also won Sundays’ race and is leading the series by 60 points gap to french driver Hadrien David. Originally the series supposed to continue in second weekend of August at German circuit of Nurburgring. However as the circuit is currently a base for salvage operations of terrible floods, Formula Regional 7th weekend is cancelled. Therefore the series continues in third weekend of September at Austrian circuit of Spielberg.

Final results Formula Reginal SPA-Francorchamps 2021: Saturday 24.7.2021:

1. Michael Belov (RUS), 10 laps

16. Elias Seppänen (FIN), +38,728s (KIC Motorsport)
23. Nico Göhler (GER), +55,045s (KIC Motorsport)
DNF. Jasin Ferati (SUI), ulosajo (KIC Motorsport)

Final results Formula Reginal SPA-Francorchamps 2021: Sunday 25.7.2021:

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), 14 laps

20. Elias Seppänen (FIN), +24,657s (KIC Motorsport)
24. Nico Göhler (GER), +30,167s (KIC Motorsport)
DNF. Jasin Ferati (SUI) (KIC Motorsport)

Formula Regional by Alpine stadings after 12/20 rounds:

1. Grégoire Saucy (SUI), 189p
2. Hadrien David (FRA), 129p
3. Zane Maloney (BAR), 124p

22. Elias Seppänen (FIN), 1p (KIC Motorsport)
33. Nico Göhler (GER), 0p (KIC Motorsport)
34. Jasin Ferati (SUI), 0p (KIC Motorsport)

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