KIC Motorsport drivers were caught in traffic jam!

31.5.2021 – KIC Motorsport caught in traffic jam at french circuit of Paul Ricard – Patrik Pasma two times again on podium in 4th racing weekend of season 2021

In season 2021 Formula Regional by Alpine racing series includes 35 drivers who drives for podium positions. Finnish KIC Motorsport competes with three cars as its’ finnish driver Patrik Pasma collect again points for himself and for the team. In two 30 minute rounds, which were driven in french circuit of Paul Ricard, he collect 6th and 7th highest Championship points. Elias Seppänen and Nico Göhler suffered the most from traffic jam as 15th and 27th positions were outside the desired positions.

To Saturdays’ race Pasma started from sixth position and kept elbows up for podium finish. However as two times safety car visited the circuit, he was unable to improve his positions. However his position was upgraded to 5th because one fellow rival was disqualified after the race in post-race scutereening. Seppänen started the race from 20th and Göhler from 31st positions. Because of fellow competitors suffered crashes and other technical problems, Seppänen finished 15th and Göhler 27th position.

To Sundays’ race Pasma entered in 9th, Seppänen in 23th and Göhler in 28th starting positions. All KIC Motorsport drivers got superb start and they picked positions until again safety car was needed to circuit. After colorful events Pasma was 7th, Seppänen 15th and Göhler 27th fastest. Göhler was in 23th position before suffering a small driving mistake which cost him four positions.

– Traditional and wide 5,8kms circuit of Paul Ricard got very narrow as 35 cars qualified for the races. We weren’t on our best in qualifyings and therefore races become very challenging. Furthermore multiple safety cars dropped racing time and therefore we had to satisfy for few Championship points, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

– Our best performance for this weekend was two points positions for Patrik Pasma and superb passings which were made by Elias Seppänen. We know that we have to be stronger in qualifyings so that we can secure better starting positons for the races. We have no time for holiday as next attempt is in three weeks at Dutch circuit of Zantvoort, Flythström continues.

Formula Regional by Alpine racing series is currently lead by swiss Gregoire Saucy, who collect his 4th victory of the season. Patrik Pasma is in 10th, Elias Seppänen in 18th and Nico Göhler in 19th positions in drivers standings. KIC Motorsport is in 5th position in teams standings as there are still six intense racing weekends to be driven.

Final results Formula Regional Paul Ricard #1, Saturday 29.5.2021:

1. Hadrien David (FRA), R-ACE GP, 14 laps
2. Mikhael Belov (RUS), JD Motorsport, +0,741s
3. Gabriele Mini (ITA), Art Grand Prix, +1,157s

5. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, 2,556ss
15. Elias Seppänen (FIN), KIC Motorsport +10,554s
27. Nico Göhler (GER), KIC Motorsport, +23,703s

Final results Formula Regional Paul Ricard #2, Sunday 30.5.2021:

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), ART Grand Prix, 16 laps
2. Mikhael Belov (RUS), JD Motorsport, +0,741s
3. William Alatalo (FIN), Arden, +1,358s

7. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +3,406s
15. Elias Seppänen (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +7,063
27. Nico Göhler (GER), KIC Motorsport, +14,872s

Formula Regional drivers standings 2021: 8/20 rounds

1. Gregoire Saucy (SUI), 110p
2. Zane Maloney, (BAR), 87p
3. Isack Hadjar (FRA), 85p

10. Patrik Pasma (FIN), 45p (KIC Motorsport)
18. Elias Seppänen (FIN), 1p (KIC Motorsport)
19. Nico Göhler (GER), 0p (KIC Motorsport)

Formula Regional teams standings 2021: 8/20 rounds

1. R-Ace GP, 224p
2. ART Grand Prix, 182p
3. Arden, 136p
4. Prema Powerteam, 128p
5. KIC Motorsport, 46p
6. Van Amersfoort Racing, 21p
7. FA Racing, 16p
8. MP Motorsport, 2p

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