Tricky conditions caused problems

13.10.2020 – KIC Motorsport had a difficult weekend in rainy Mugello – It’ll be tricky second half of the season

In 4th round of the international Formula Regional series, which was driven in Italian circuit of Mugello, finnish KIC Motorsport team drivers collect one podium position in three driven races as estonian Jüri Vips was 2nd fastest in 10th round of the series.

Rainy and very wet weekend was colored by Alex autumn storm which kept the conditions very demanding as the grip varied a lot from dry to deeply wet. Heavy rain and tricky medium wet conditions were very problematic for all drivers except Prema Powerteam driver Arthur LeClerc, who won all events and collect the leadership to of the series as there are still four events and 11 rounds to be driven.

KIC Motorsport drivers Jüri Vips, Patrik Pasma and Konsta Lappalainen couldn’t do their best in very challenging conditions and therefore results weren’t as expected. Therefore for the next round, which is to be driven in italian circuit of Monza, Patrik Pasma enters in 5th and Konsta Lappalainen in 9th position in overall stadings. As estonian Red Bull junior program driver Jüri Vips is simultaneously in Japan, third driver for the weekend is german Nico Gohler. Anso drivers in Monza will face cool and various weather conditions.

– In overall standings all medal positions are steadly controlled by Prema Powerteam drivers. However as there are still half of the races of season 2020 to be driven, we still have all possibilities to challenge our fellow competitors and therefore to enter into podium positions here in super fast circuit of Monza, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

Results Formula Regional Mugello 2020, Race #1:

1. Arthur LeClerc, Prema Powerteam, 14 laps
2. Jüri Vips, KIC Motorsport, +10,214sec
3. Oliver Rasmussen, Prema Powerteam, +24,347sec

7. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, +55,177sec
8. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, +56,225sec

Results Formula Regional Mugello 2020, Race #2:

1. Arthur LeClerc, Prema Powerteam, 14 laps
2. Pierre Louis Chovet, Van Amrsfoort Racing, +15,157sec
3. Gianluca Petecof, Prema Powerteam, +20,464sec

9. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, +1 lap
10. Jüri Vips, KIC Motorsport, +1 lap
ret. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, crash

Results Formula Regional Mugello 2020, Race #3:

1. Arthur LeClerc, Prema Powerteam, 19 laps
2. Gianluca Petecof, Prema Powerteam, +1,237sec
3. Oliver Rasmussen, Prema Powerteam, +5,999sec
4. Patrik Pasma, KIC Motorsport, +21,511sec
5. Jüri Vips, KIC Motorsport, +28,137sec
6. Konsta Lappalainen, KIC Motorsport, +30,526sec

Formula Regional European Championship series unofficial stadings 12/23 rounds:

1. Arthur Leclerc (MON), Prema Powerteam, 237p
2. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), Prema Powerteam, 229p
3. Oliver Rasmussen (DEN), Prema Powerteam, 178p
4. Pierre-Louis Chovet (FRA), Van Amersfoort Racing, 121p
5. Patrick Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, 116p
6. Jüri Vips (EST), KIC Motorsport, 81p
7. Jamie Laura Chadwick (GBR), Prema Powerteam, 58p
8. Alessandro Famularo (VEZ), Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 52p
9. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), KIC Motorsport, 44p
10. Gillian Henrion (FRA), Gillian Track Events GTE, 38p
11. Emidio Pesce (ITA), DR Formula RP Motorsport, 24p
12. Andrea Cola (ITA), Monolite Racing, 20p
13. Nico Gohler (GER), KIC Motorsport, 10p

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