Temple of Speed 2021 was mercyless for Finnish KIC Motorsport team

31.10.2021 – Temple of Speed was mercyless for Finnish KIC Motorsport – 9th position in Formula Regional by Alpine Teams standings was a big dissapointment

For past three seasons the Finnish KIC Motorsport racing team has been competing in Formula Regional European Championship series. In seasons 2019 it collect 5th and 2020 2nd positions in Teams Championship series. However now in season 2021 edition of Formula Regional by Alpine series it collect 51 points which delivered dissapointing 9th position in overall Teams Standings.

In final round of the series, which was driven in italian circuit of Monza, KIC Motorsport didn’t reach its’ goals as brasilian Gianluca Petecof, german Nico Göhler and finnish Konsta Lappalainen were left outside points positions in two fierce 30 minute races which were fullfilled by Safety Cars and red flags.

During half year and its’ 10 intense racing weekends and 20 events over 35 competitors competed for points position in thrilling events which were driven in best european racing circuits. The highlight for KIC Motorsport was in May at circuit of Monaco as finns Patrik Pasma collect two fifth positions and Elias Seppänen as well as german Nico Göhler finished the events with their season best results. However as the level of competition in Formula Regional by Alpine racing series is very, very high, KIC Motorsport drivers were left driving for the final points positions in each racing weekends.

– When KIC Motorsport entered the series in March 2021 we noticed that the level of competition will be one of the trickiest in Europe due many teams and competitors. In qualifyings for the races this showed off as even our drivers made superb job and lost about one second in 5,5 kilometres circuit, the result still was enough to collect starting positions from 15th position forward. In two previous seasons these results would have delivered starting positions five to eight. However as in season 2021 the amount of competitors were maximum, the level of competitiveness also grow complitely into new levels. As during the season we couldn’t improve our pace enough, the results were dissapointing, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

– Season 2021 offered us lots of experience. We very well know that in circuit racing the qualifying is the main key for success. As in this season we either stuck into traffic or drove too close for our rivals we lost the decired tents of seconds which would have provided us top starting positions for the races. We also know that it is very difficult to pass with these cars as we don’t have DRS available and therefore the results in the races were pretty much same as in qualifyings. However still I’m very proud of my team and its drivers. Many thanks for our members for their massive effort to gain success, team manager Petri Lappalainen continues.

Champion of the Formula Regional by Alpine was swiss Gregoire Saucy, who secured his title in penultimate weekend of the series. However french Isack Hadjar rose into silver medal in final racing weekend as he collect two podium positions which delivered him enough points to drop Zane Maloney into bronze medal position. Also R-Ace GP team collect victory in Teams Championship series in Temple of Speed as its’ drivers collect podium positions and therefore delivered enough points to drop ART Grand Prix into silver medal position in the series.

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine 2021, Monza #1: Saturday 30.10.2021:

1. Hadrien David (FRA), 18 kierrosta
2. Isack Hadjar (FRA), +1,159s
3. Zane Maloney (BAR), +2,149s

19. Nico Göhler (GER), +26,135s (KIC)
21. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), +27,026s (KIC)
DNF. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), too much ero (KIC)

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine 2021, Monza #2: Sunday 31.10.2021:

1. Isack Hadjar (FRA), 14 laps
2. Paul Aron (EST), +0,628s
3. Hadrien David (FRA), +1,038s

14. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), +6,181s (KIC)
24. Nico Göhler (GER), +11,390s (KIC)
30. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), +14,934s (KIC)

Formula Regional by Alpine drivers final standings (20/20 rounds):

1. Gregoire Saucy (CHE), 277p
2. Hardien David (FRA), 209p
3. Zane Maloney (BAR), 197p

22. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), 5p
33. Nico Göhler (GER), 0p

Formula Regional by Alpine teams final standings (20/20 rounds):

1. R-Ace GP, 481p
2. ART Grand Prix, 422p
3. Prema Powerteam, 346p

9. KIC Motorsport, 51p

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