Legendary street circuit divided drivers into groups

29.5.2022 – KIC Motorsport got stuck in trafic jam at circuit of Monaco – Legendary street circuit divided drivers into groups

Traditional street circuit of Monaco host third racing weekend of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series. Tricky, slippery and narrow street circuit caused limitations for drivers as top-18 qualified drivers were able to compete in both 30 minute races. Rest were divided into two groups so that other half competed in Saturday and other in Sunday.

Three KIC Motorsport drivers, polish Piotr Wisnicki, mexican Santiago Ramos and italian Francesco Braschi were qualified outside top-18 drivers and therefore Ramos and Braschi drive in Saturday and Wisnicki in Sunday.

In Saturdays’ event Ramos and Braschi were stuck into a trafic jam which was caused a fellow competitor ahead of them. As the jam cut way from all drivers, the jury of the race decided to hault the race with red flags. 30 minutes later the race was continued and both KIC Motorsport drivers came to chequered flag in same positions as they had started the event; Ramos in 23th and Braschi in 24th position.

In Sundays’ race the pattern was nearly similar. Wisnicki started from 24th position and finished the race in same position. Therefore no points were given to any of KIC Motorsport drivers and team from Monaco.

Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series is lead by swedish Dino Beganovic. In Monaco he and silver position driver, french Hadrien David collect two highest podium positions in both races. Junior Championship series is lead by Sebastian Montoya, who is a son of famous ex-Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

Fourth racing weekend of the series is to be driven in first weekend of June at french circuit of Paul Ricard.

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine, Monaco, Saturday 28th May 2022, Top-3:

1. Hardien David (FRA), R-Ace GP, 13 laps
2. Dino Beganovic (SWE), Prema Racing, +0,902s
3. Kas Havenkort (NDL), Van Amersfoort Racing, +3,328s

23. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, +24,300s
24. Francesco Braschi (ITA), KIC Motorsport, +24,804s

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine, Monaco, Sunday 29th May 2022, Top-3:

1. Dino Beganovic (SWE), Prema Racing, 20 laps
2. Hardien David (FRA), R-Ace GP, +2,106s
3. Gabriele Mini (ITA), ART Grand Prix, +6,977s

24. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), KIC Motorsport, +56,406s

Formula Regional by Alpine drivers standings 2022: 6/20 rounds: Rookies top-3:

1. Sebastian Montoya (KOL), 20p
2. Leonardo Fornaroli (ITA), 11p
3. Joshua Durksen (PAR), 9p

8. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), KIC Motorsport, 0p
8. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, 0p
8. Francesco Braschi (ITA), KIC Motorsport, 0p

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