Good opening weekend for long season 2020!

2.8.2020 – KIC Motorsport had a divided openning in first racing weekend of season 2020 – Patrik Pasma collect one podium and is 4th fastest in overall standings after 3/23 events

In first racing weekend of the season, which was driven in italic racing circuit of Misano Adriatico, finnish KIC Motorsport celebrated one podium position and tackled with minor technical issues and offs; In highly competitive 30 minutes events Flying Finn Patrik pasma had a trouble-free weekend which was rewarded with one silver podium position as well as 4th and 5th highest Championship points. After three events he’s in 4th position in overall standings.

Estonian Red Bull Junior Program driver Jüri Vips qualified as fastest KIC Motorsport driver and entered the first race at 2nd position. However in third corner of the race he had a collision with Arthur LeClerc, who is a brother for Ferrari F1-driver Charles LeCleck. Due the collision Vips was dropped into 9th position. Estonian didn¨t gave up as during the intense race he passed many fellow competitors and was about to secure his first podium position. At the end of the race he had a fiercely competition which eventually led to a small driving mistake and high-speed crash to gravel bed. Zero points from the first race was a big dissapointment.

At the second race he was in steady 4th position before having trouble with a temperature sensor. In final lap he was forced to reduce his speed due and two competitors was able to pass him. In third round he was again on 4th position but lost the battle for podium just by 1,523 seconds gap. After three events Vips is in eight position in overall standings.

KIC Motorsport third driver, another Flying Finn Konsta Lappalainen experienced an engine failure just before qualifying and therefore he started the races between 6th and 9th positions. However in the races he was able to match his speed with his team mates Patrik Pasma and Jüri Vips before encountering technical difficulties; In first race an electic wiring problem reduced his speed and even he retired the event as there were only four laps to be driven, he was given three Championship points.

In second race Lappalainen made a smooth performance and finished the event in 7th position and in third and final italian round he experienced a crash and was left without points. Therefore he heads towards next rounds at 10th position in overall standings.

– First racing weekend of the season didn’t go as we planned as our mecahnics had to tackle with one complete engine failure and other small technical issues. Still we’re very happy for the podium position Patrik Pasma delivered and as well as we could match our speed for italian Prema Powerteam drivers. The differences between all drivers are very narrow and therefore we now go directly to austrian circuit of Red Bull Ring for a test as next round is to be driven in three weeks at french circuit of Paul Ricard, KIC Motorsport team manager Peter Flythström tells.

Final Resuls F3 Regional European Championship series, 1st round: Misano 1.8.2020
1. Oliver Rasmussen (DEN), Prema Powerteam, 18 laps
2. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +1,208 sec
3. Jamie Laura Chadwick (GBR), Prema Powerteam, +1,986 sec

9. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), +4 laps
retired. Jüri Vips, KIC Motorsport, crash

Final Resuls F3 Regional European Championship series, 2nd round: Misano 1.8.2020
1. Arthur LeClerc (MON), Prema Powerteam, 21 laps
2. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), Prema Powerteam, +4,772 sec
3. Oliver Rasmunssen (DEN), Prema Powerteam, +15,806 sec
4. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +24,434 sec
5. Pierre Louis Chovet (FRA), Van Amersfoort Racing, +24,856 sec
6. Jüri Vips (EST), KIC Motorsport, +26,760 sec
7. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +30,737 sec

Final Resuls F3 Regional European Championship series, 3rd round: Misano 2.8.2020
1. Gianluca Petecof (BRA), Prema Powerteam, 21 laps
2. Arthur LeClerc (MON), Prema Powerteam, +0,814 sec
3. Oliver Rasmussen (DEN), Prema Powerteam, +7,511 sec
4. Jüri Vips (EST), KIC Motorsport, +9,034 sec
5. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +13,647 sec

retired. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), KIC Motorsport, crash

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