Level of competition was very intense in rainy weather

8.5.2022 – Several crashes and interruptions to races caused troubles for KIC Motorsport in Imola – Highly competitive Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series once again prooved its’ high competition level

Second racing weekend of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series season 2022 was driven in extremely difficult and tricky weather conditions at italian F1-circuit of Imola. All three KIC Motorsport drivers faced ultimate challenges as rainy weather caused several crashes and multiple racing interruptions. Therefore KIC Motorsport was ruled out from its’ goals.

Finnish Patrik Pasma substituted Piotr Wisnicki as the polish driver was unable to compete due final school exams. Pasma, italian Francesco Branchi and mexican Santiago Ramos didn’t reach their goals in qualifyings and therefore starting positions for the two 30 minute races proved to be a difficult task among 35 other fellow competitors.

Furthermore as in both races all drivers tacked with very difficult weather conditions and suffered interrupted racing due red flags, Pasma, Branchi and Ramos were left out from points positions.

– We had a good start for the weekend as practice sessions went pretty well. However as we were a bit out from our pace in qualifyings we had to start far behind points positions. Furthermore as Santiago Ramos slipped a bit off road in first race and then we all were interupted due many red and yellow flags as well as safety cars we had to satisfy for positions of 24, 27 and 32, team manager Peter Flythström tells.

– In Sunday the heavy rain caused again ultimate difficulty for all drivers. Then just a bit after the start competitors slided off road and therefore again red flags and safety cars heavily reduced all changes to drive podium positions. Furthermore as Braschi was forced to stop due the crash his fellow competitor had, the positions 20, 24 and 25 weren’t the results we had hoped for, Flythström continues.

Third racing weekend of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series is to be driven in 4th weekend of May at traditional street circuit of Monaco.

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine 2022: Imola (Italy), Saturday 7th May 2022:

1. Dino Beganovic (SWE), Prema Racing, 13 laps
2. Mari Boya (ESP), ART Grand Prix, +0,349s
3. Paul Aron (EST), Prema Racing, +0,693s

24. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +8,293s
27. Francesco Braschi (ITA), KIC Motorsport, +9,237s
32. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, +2 laps

Final Results Formula Regional by Alpine 2022: Imola (Italy), Sunday 8th May 2022:

1. Gabriele Mini (ITA), ART Grand Prix, 15 laps
2. Dino Beganovic (SWE), Prema Racing, +0,262s
3. Kas Haverkort (NED), Van Amersfoort Racing, +0,592s

20. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, +11,145s
24. Patrik Pasma (FIN), KIC Motorsport, +14,797s
25. Francesco Braschi (ITA), KIC Motorsport, +15,013s

Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series Drivers standings 2022: 4/20 events: Rookies: Top-3:

1. Sebastian Montoya (KOL), 20p
2. Leonardo Fornaroli (ITA), 9p
3. Joshua Durksen (PAR), 8p

8. Piotr Wisnicki (POL), KIC Motorsport, 0p
8. Santiago Ramos (MEX), KIC Motorsport, 0p
8. Francesco Braschi (ITA), KIC Motorsport, 0p

Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series Teams standings 2022: 4/20 events: Top-3:

1. Prema Racing, 138p
2. ART Grand Prix, 72p
3. R-Ace GP, 69p

12. KIC Motorsport, 0p

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