Both drivers faced collisions which were caused by fellow competitors

23.10.2023 – KIC Motorsport drivers were hit by fellow competitors in Hockenheimring – Maya Weug collect bronze medal in rookies of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series

Final season 2023 meeting of Formula Regional by Alpine European Championship series was driven in traditional german circuit Hockenheim. Finnish KIC Motorsport team and its’ drivers were unable to collect points from the intense racing weekend as Ferrari Academy driver Maya Weug finished in 18th position in Saturdays event and 20th in Sundays race and ukraine team mate Ivan Klymenko was 27th fastest in Saturdays race and was forced to retire the Sundays race due heavy impact he collect from his fellow rival.

Penultimate round of the series, which was driven in Saturday, was more driving behind safety car than fierce racing between drivers. Multiple crashes interrupt the racing and therefore fastest drivers in qualifying also were fastest in the race; German bronze medalist Tim Tramnitz collect victory and norwegian silver medalist, as well as Rookies Champion, Martinius Stenshorne was second. In Sundays final Stenshorne was fastest and Tramnitz was second.

In six months and 20 events KIC Motorsport driver Maya Weug collect 27 points which was enough to secure bronze medal in Rookies Championship series. By the points Weug collect, KIC Motorsport finished 11th position in teams final standings.

Champion of the very competitive racing series was italian Andrea Kimi Antonelli. His career continues in Formula 2 series as Prema Racing driver. Prema Racing also won the teams title.

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine EU Hockenheim #1, Saturday 21th October 2023, Overall top-3:

1. Tim Tramnitz (DEU), R-Ace GP, 17 laps
2. Martinius Stenshorne (NOR), Race GP, +1.690s
3. Nikita Bedrin (ITA), Van Amersfoort Racing, +2.589s

18. Maya Weug (NDL) KIC Motorsport, +11.172s
27. Ivan Klymenko (UKR) KIC Motorsport, +18.442s

Final results Formula Regional by Alpine EU Hockenheim #2, Sunday 22th October 2023, Overall top-3:

1. Martinius Stenshorne (NOR), Race GP, 18 laps
2. Tim Tramnitz (DEU), R-Ace GP, +1.106s
3. Kas Haverkort (NDL), Van Amersfoort Racing, +2.089s

20. Maya Weug (NDL), KIC Motorsport, +27.067s
DNF. Ivan Klymenko (UKR), KIC Motorsport, crash

Formula Regional by Alpine EU drivers FINAL standings (20/20 rounds), top-5:

1. Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA), 300p
2. Martinius Stenshorne (NOR), 261p (1st Rookies)
3. Tim Tramnitz (DEU), 239p
4. Kas Haverkort (NDL) 174p
5. Rafael Camara (BRA), 173p

17. Maya Weug (NDL), KIC Motorsport, 27p (3rd Rookies)
32. Oleksandr Partyshev (UKR), KIC Motorsport 0p (9th Rookies)
36. Konsta Lappalainen (FIN), KIC Motorsport, 0p
38. Ivan Klymenko (UKR), KIC Motorsport, 0p (12th Rookies)
39. William Karlsson (SWE), KIC Motorsport, 0p (13th Rookies)
40. Shannon Lugassy (CHE), KIC Motorsport, 0p (14th Rookies)

Formula Regional by Alpine EU teams FINAL standings:

1. Prema Racing, 512p
2. R-Ace GP, 510p
3. Van Amersfoort Racing, 226p
4. RPM, 144p
5. G4 Racing, 134p

11. KIC Motorsport, 27p

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