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Once upon a time current FIA GM Mr. Jean Todt was managing Peugeot's successful rally team and had many Finnish drivers, he said that "If you want to Win - Hire a Finn". We've widened the saying also to Finnish motorsport teams.

KIC Motorsport is a professional Finnish Racing Team which runs three cars in FIA F3 Regional European Championship series.

Our professional racing team is owned by Petri Lappalainen, who has a long record in motorsport, as early as in the 80’s when he was a mechanic and an engine tuner in karting. During his career he has tuned engines to Mika Häkkinen, among other drivers and he has also driven in many racing series himself, for example Porcshe Carrera Cup and other international GT-series.

​In Season 2018 KIC Motorsport participated to German ADAC F4-series and to NEZ F4 Championship-series, which was won by Konsta Lappalainen.

​In Season 2019 KIC Motorsport took a totally new challenge as it entered to FIA F3 Regional European Championship series with two drivers; Konsta Lappalainen and Isac Blomqvist from Sweden. KIC Motorsport collect 5th highest points in Teams Category.

In Season 2020 KIC Motorsport continued in FIA F3 Regional European Championship series with three drivers; Finns Konsta Lappalainen and Patrik Pasma as well as estonian Red Bull Junior Team driver Jüri Vips. Team improved its’ pace and finished the series as Vice-Champions in Teams Category.

In season 2021 KIC Motorsport enters FIA Formula Regional Championship series by Alpine.

Season 2021 FIA Formula Regional Formula  Championship series calendar

– 17.-18.04.2021 – Imola, Italia
– 08.-09.05.2021 – Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain
– 22.-23.05.2021 – Monaco, Monte Carlo
– 29.-30.05.2021 – Paul Ricard, France
– 19.-20.06.2021 – Zandvoort, Nedherlands
– 24.-25.07.2021 – Imola, Italy
– 07.-08.08.2021 – Nürburgring, Germany
– 11.-12.09.2021 – Spielberg, Austria
– 09.-10.10.2021 – Mugello, Italy
– 30.-31.10.2021 – Monza, Italy

Formula Regional Teams OFFICAL Standings 2020

1. Prema Powerteam, 842p
2. KIC Motorsport, 495p
3. Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 451p
4. Gillian Track Events GTE, 95p
5. DR Formula by RP Motorsport, 78p
6. Monolite Racing, 40p

Formula Regional Teams OFFICAL Standings 2019

1. Prema Powerteam, 870p
2. DR Formula, 480p
3. US Racing, 397p
4. Van Amersfoort Racing BV, 264p
5. KIC Motorsport, 189p
6. Scuderia DF Corse by Corbetta, 43p
7. Scorace Team-Viola Formula, 17p
8. Technorace, 12p


Our professional team and drivers are highly motivated and doing our best in each moment!

Patrik Pasma

Nationality: Finnish
Date of Birth: 2.3.2000

Career highlights:
– 2020: F3 Regional Europe: 4th
– 2019: MRF Challenge – Formula 2000: 3rd
– 2018: F4 British Championship certified by FIA, 6th
– 2016: Karting / OK: Finnish Championship: 1st
– 2016: Marcel Albers Memorial Trophy, 2nd
– 2016: Formula Ford 1600 National Championship: 7th
– 2015: Karting / KFJ: Finnish Championship: 4th
– 2013: Karting / Mini 60: Finnish Championship: 1st

Elias Seppänen

Nationality: Finnish
Date of Birth: 31.10.2003

Career highlights:
– 2020: ADAC F4 BRONZE
– 2019: FIA South East Asia Rookie F4 CHAMPION
– 2019: Formula Academy Finland BRONZE
– 2017: Finnish Karting Junior series CHAMPION
– 2017: Swedish Karting SKCC Cup CHAMPION

Nico Göhler

– Nationality: German

Career highlights:
– 2020 F4 United Arab Emirates Championship: 2nd
– 2019 F4 United Arab Emirates Championship: 6th


Follow us and our progress during the season 2021

4.3.2021 – Elias Seppänen enters Formula Regional European Championship series by Alpine as KIC Motorsport driver – Seppänen joins the series with teammates Patrik Pasma and Nico Göhler

In fourth weekend of April the international Formula Regional European Championship series gets underway at the traditional Belgium circuit of SPA-Francorchamps. In highly competitive racing series there are altogether three Finnish drivers competing for podiums and Championship title: Arden Motorsport Finnish driver William Alatalo gets to drive against KIC Motorsport Flying Finns Patrik Pasma and Elias Seppänen. Also German Nico Göhler joins the series as KIC Motorsport driver.

In season 2017 Elias Seppänen won Finnish Junior Karting Championship series. In season 2019 he collect bronze position in Formula Academy Finland and Championship title in FIA South East Asia Rookie F4-series. In season 2021 Seppänen takes a bold step forward in his career and joins KIC Motorsport as reigning bronze medalist of ADAC F4 series. Youngster aims for top positions in very high-level Formula Regional European Championship series by Alpine, in which over 30 competitors have registered so far.

Season 2021 will be third-in-a-row for Finnish KIC Motorsport. In season 2020 the team and the drivers made superb job and collect silver medal in Teams Championship series. Team Manager Peter Flythström and team owner Petri Lappalainen welcomes Elias Seppänen to KIC Motorsport and to continue his successful motorsport campaign in the series which is to be driven in racing weekends of Formula-1, GT World Challenge and ADAC GT Masters series.

– After successful Karting and F4 seasons it is now the right time for Elias Seppänen to take the next step in his career. KIC Motorsport is very pleased to have another Finnish driver in our team and therefore we strongly believe that all our three drivers are competing for podium positions, team manager Peter Flythström tells and continues, – As the number of competitors in the series will rise to nearly 40 drivers, the level of the series will be tougher than ever before. Still, I am very confident that our drivers Patrik Pasma, Nico Göhler and Elias Seppänen will give a fierce resistance for our rivals in each event.

– We’re very pleased to have another Flying Finn competing with us. We strongly belive that Elias Seppänen will drive for podium positions, team owner Petri Lappalainen tells and continues, – In season 2021 Formula Regional Championship series by Alpine visits traditional F1-circuits like Barcelona and glamorous street circuit of Monaco where also GP2 drivers such as reigning Formula Regional Brazilian Champion Gianluca Petecof and also our 2020 Estonian Juri Vips measures their skills. In these events our drivers can also take a sneak peak to their future as GP2 is the the next steps towards Formula-1. So we have a challenging and yet very developing season ahead of us as 10 race weekends will offer thrilling competition for personal and team series.

19.2.2021 – Patrik Pasma continues as KIC Motorsport driver in the season 2021 – Goals are set for medal positions in highly competitive Formula Regional European Championship series by Alpine

In season 2020 Flying Finn Patrik Pasma achieved four victories and two silver positions in the Formula Regional European Championship Series. With six podium finishes and several other points scoring positions he finished the series in 4th position in overall standings. Pasma was also the most successful KIC Motorsport driver in season 2020.

Now in season 2021, which is set to begin in fourth weekend in April at legendary Belgium circuit of SPA-Francorchamps, KIC Motorsport enters the series with three drivers. One of the driver is german Nico Göhler and another is Patrik Pasma, whose goal is solely to improve his season 2020 fourth position. Curretly Pasma is competing in the F3 Asian Championship series at the Middle East. Pasma is also the most experienced and successfull driver of the KIC Motorsport team.

– A year ago, Patrik’s pace increased as the competition season progressed. In second half of the season Pasma was a familiar sight on podiums. However even 4th position was also a big joy, it was also a small dissapointment. Therefore we believed that our mission was interrupted. Now in season 2021 our mutual goals are to finish what we started a year ago, team owner Petri Lappalainen tells.

– Currently there are 12 teams signed for the series with either two or three cars. We get to compete against, for example, Eduardo Barrichello, who is a son of famous Brazilian F1 driver Rubens Barrichello. Therefore we strongly believe that we will face a very high competiton series and also believe that Patrik Pasma is the right person to share his know-how for our two younger drivers, Lappalainen continues.

15.2.2021 – German Nico Göhler one of the three drivers of KIC Motorsport in the new Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine racing series

Two years ago, the Finnish KIC Motorsport began competing in high-level Formula Regional European Championship racing series. At the end of eight weekends and 24 races, the debut year was awarded fifth place in the category of Teams Championship series.

In 2020 the team, which is led by Petri Lappalainen and Peter Flythström set out to improve its’ performance. After eight competitive weekends and 24 races, the determined work brought many podiums as Patrik Pasma, Konsta Lappalainen estonian Juri Vips drove superb performance. In addition german Nico Göhler and italian Nicola Marinangeli competed selected races and also delivered highly valuable points for the KIC Motorsport. After colorful events KIC Motorsport was awarded silver medal in Teams Category of the F3 Regional European Championship series.

For season 2021, which is about to get underway at third weekend of April, KIC Motorsport will nominate three drivers for the new Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine series. Highly competitive racing series includes 10 racing weekends, which are be driven in GT World Challenge, ADAC GT Masters and Formula 1 events. Altogether twelve teams have announced their participation for the series including brazilian driver Eduardo Barrichello, who is a son of former Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello.

One of the three KIC Motorsport F3-cars is driven by the German Nico Göhler, who in 2020 became acquainted with the Finnish team on both the Italian Monza and the Austrian Spielberg race weekends.

– During the two race weekends we competed together in season 2020 we saw that Nico Göhler has a huge potential. As he also experienced that KIC Motorsport can provide a competitive car, it is now our pleasure to announce that he is one of the three drivers of KIC Motorsport in season 2021, team manager Peter Flythström comments and continues, – Preparations for season 2021 have already begun as we continue announce our two other drivers in next following weeks. Then we launch a wide test program so that we’re fully ready when intense competition for podiums begin.

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